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Tru-Tension Rapid Release V2 Full Conversion Kit 6mm X 220mm

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Rapid Release Sprockets by Tru-Tension is the worlds first retrofit quick release sprocket system for karts.

Change sprockets in seconds to suit the conditions, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

The patent pending system is compatible with most 219 kart sprocket carriers.

Conversion Kit Contains:

1 x Front Nylon Protector, 1 x Rear Nylon Protector, 1 x Aluminium split ring (3 pieces), 1 x Full Bolt Kit
Made from premium grade Nylon extrusion, the Rapid Release sprocket protectors are more durable than other standard plastic or Nylon protectors, while the whole system weighs just 150g more than using a comparable nylon protector set.

Full Conversion Kit – fit to exiting sprocket carrier to save time, hassle and gain an edge over your competitors. The fastest and easiest way to change a kart sprocket.

Rapid Release Sprockets is a flush fitting system, this means there aren’t nuts and bolts protruding from the protectors. This prevents bolts catching on chain guard saving you money on repairs (we’ve all seen someone excluded for their chain guard flying off), while also allowing you to run the sprocket carrier closer to the bearing carriers.

Scenario – You’re on the grid and it starts to rain. You’re given 5 minutes to change as much of your setup as possible. With Rapid Release you can change the sprocket, while allowing enough time to alter the rest of the kart setup, giving you a clear on track advantage over your competitors.