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Tillett T14 T Clear Seat

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The T14 shape is the newest model in our kart seat range.

The seat has been released initially for smaller drivers, with an upright back position and additional leg support. The T14 takes the place of the discontinued T8 which also had leg support.

Currently the T14 is only available in the smaller Cadet/Minikart sizes, Mini, Ccd, CL and XScd.

The reason for only having four small sizes is that older juniors and adults are typically strong enough and bracing with the legs is not necessary. The extra width of the leg support can also be a problem with adult sizes, as it miss-aligns the sensitive airbox on many engine combinations. However, the added support can be ideal for classes where a particularly small or in experienced driver struggles to control a faster kart.

T14t is what we call a hard/medium rigidity seat. Although the T14t is the most rigid flexibility we offer in the T14 range, it is by no means a stiff seat. The T14t will still unweight the rear wheel, freeing a low power engine of inner tyre drag. For more flexible options we recommend the T14VG or T14VTI. See our rigidity chart for a further understanding.  


  • The T14 range offer three rigidities. T14t is the stiffest specification available, but still has some flexibility.
  • The T14 shape has a flat base, and an upright back angle for a more powerful shoulder turn when steering.
  • Additional leg support to help assist kart control.
  • T14t allows less inner rear wheel lift than the softer VG, Vti models but as the kart loads it will help transfer more weight to the outside front tyre.
  • Approximate weight 1.3kg.
  • T14 is most used by drivers aged 8-12 years old.
  • Lightweight and high strength, with smooth easy to clean surfaces.
  • precision cut for consistency of parts.
  • Available to order in sizes, Mini, Ccd, CL and XScd.
  • Highly developed moulding technique, designed and manufactured in the UK with supreme accuracy.
  • For best results and driver safety we recommend pairing this seat with one of our Tillett P1 rib protectors.
  • Most chassis use a standard setup which includes additional upper seat stays. If these are not to be used, it is recommended to fit the TK7 Seat support plates on the main upper stay points. See recommended product list below.