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Tillett T11VG Silver Seat

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Tillett T11 VG Seat in Silver.

As used by 2020 Junior World Champion Freddie Slater.

The T11 is the most popular adult shape and the one most often used by professional karting teams and manufacturers. With every generation growing taller, a new seat was needed. A large flat area on the base was created and combined with a more reclined back angle of 58°, lowering the head height significantly. Whilst lowering the body weight gives a performance advantage, it is important to maintain an upright shoulder position to allow enough power to be transferred to the steering. The driver is likely to "pull to steer” if they are too reclined, which is bad for handling and body stability. The T11 shape enables the correct upper torso angle to retain firm control and therefore performance.

The T11 is manufactured using our own highly developed moulding technique, which makes a seat with a consistent laminate weight and thickness. It also has smooth surfaces front and back, which keeps the seat looking professional and clean. Unlike previous mechanised production methods, this unique system gives us the opportunity to tune the rigidity. The T11 model also benefits from a specially developed high strength resin and it contains a much higher fibre to resin ratio than regular laminates. This makes the seat less likely to splinter during drilling and more able to withstand impacts. Another benefit of this system is we can aesthetically change the seats to have a beautiful carbon, silver, or vivid neon coloured finish.

The four rigidities made available in the T11 are the ones mostly used in current chassis designs. Over recent years the chassis have required more flexible seats. Therefore, the standard rigidity is the most rigid of the four offered. The two most popular rigidities are the mid-range T11t rigidity, which is frequently used in X30, OK and KZ. (This "t” stiffness sits in between the flexible VG and the T11 Standard.) and the very popular soft and flexible T11VG. The most flexible specification is the Vti which is predominantly used in the T5 shape in very low torque karts in the 8 to 12 year old categories.

The T11 size range is large and includes many sizes in a "WT” wide top version. These help correctly fit drivers who either have narrow hips and a wide chest or use a very thick rib protector, such as the protectors we make bespoke on individual drivers.