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Tunap 102 Active Oil 400Ml

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Universal active oil for lubricating components. Particularly suitable for fast-moving parts; e.g. to ensure joints, hinges, cable winches and bolts move smoothly.

Product Description: Active Oil
Contents: 400 ml
Shelf life: 730 d

 Excellent lubricating properties
Strong adhesion
Reduces friction and wear
Free of resin, acids and silicone
Resistant to centrifugal forces from fast-moving parts
Pleasant odour

Application area

Lubricates door locks, locking cylinders, locks, hinges, bushings and chains
Prevents squeaking and creaking, and lubricates seized or jammed components
Dissolves the rust from bolts, screws, nuts and joints
Prevents corrosion of metals and electrical assemblies
Infiltrates and disperses moisture in electric and electronic components


Spray parts to be cleaned or protected.