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Tillotson Carburetor Pop-Off Adapter

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Leak Tester Connector allows you to leak test your carburetor for pop-off and resealing pressure while servicing the carburetor with its cover removed. The connector allows you to:

  • Confirm there is no leak in the internal part of the carburetor, without having to install the cover
  • Save time and more easily identify the source of a leak.

To Use:  Clean the carburetor and installing a new needle and seat if desired.  Attach the Leak Tester Connector to your Leak Detector (we recommend our Leak Detector 243-504) and insert the nozzle into the carburetor as shown in the photographs.  Pump the leak detector to confirm the carburetor is holding pressure. Once confirmed, you can reinstall the covers, diaphragms and gasket.

Useable for all HL, HW, HR, HB, HC, HM and HX carburetors and most other brands.