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Senzo TonyKart OTK 10mm Castor Box Set Kit

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Introducing our comprehensive Castor Kit, designed to elevate your karting experience with unparalleled versatility and adaptability. This kit not only empowers you to add castor to your setup but also provides a unique advantage by facilitating the removal of front-end chassis castor, resulting in a noticeable reduction in front-end corner entry grip.

Here's a breakdown of the kit's components:

DOT 1:
   - The DOT 1 castor pill is tailored for the TonyKart / OTK chassis, offering the least amount of castor. As the numerical value increases, so does the castor, providing you with precise control over your kart's handling.

DOT 2:
   - This option exceeds the castor level of the DOT 1 castor pill, delivering more castor for enhanced turn-in and mid-corner front-end grip. Perfect for those seeking increased responsiveness and improved performance.

Blank Castors:
   - These castors provide a middle ground between standard zero and full castor, offering versatility suitable for various temperature conditions. Ideal for achieving a balance between inside rear wheel life and corner grip release, particularly effective in both cold and warm weather.

DOT 4:
   - The DOT 4 castor pill surpasses the standard OTK full castor kit, making it particularly advantageous in wet conditions. It ensures superior front mid-corner grip when needed most, offering a competitive edge in adverse weather conditions.

DOT 5:
   - With even more castor than the blank and DOT 4 castors, the DOT 5 option is engineered for extremely wet conditions. This castor level provides maximum turn-in and mid-corner front-end grip, making it the go-to choice for challenging weather scenarios.

Castor/Rear Bumper Wrench:
   - Included in the kit is a specialized wrench for adjusting OTK castor pill location and rear bumper bushes. This tool ensures precision and ease in making on-the-fly adjustments to optimize your kart's performance according to changing track conditions.

Be prepared for any racing scenario, from a delightful summer day to torrential rain, with this Castor Kit that empowers you to fine-tune your kart's handling characteristics and stay ahead of the competition.