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Senzo OTK Front Wheel MXC 130mm

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Introducing the 130mm Senzo Wheel, a distinguished product from Senzo Precision Kart Parts, renowned for its commitment to quality and performance in the go-karting industry. This wheel is a professionally engineered replica of the acclaimed OTK MXC magnesium wheel, reflecting a perfect balance of craftsmanship and functionality.

Designed for the serious karting enthusiast, the 130mm Senzo Wheel is the epitome of precision and durability. Each wheel is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and the high standards of Senzo, ensuring that your karting experience is enhanced to professional levels.

While this wheel is part of a comprehensive set designed to equip your kart with the finest components, the offering here is for the single front wheel, allowing for targeted upgrades or replacements. This flexibility ensures that your kart remains in top condition, ready to face any challenge on the track.

Included with the wheel are high-grade tyre valves and bead screws, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance. These components are crucial for maintaining tyre integrity and alignment, providing you with a reliable and controlled driving experience.