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Senzo Carburetor Tool Box Dellorto Rotax

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The Senzo Rotax Carburettor Box is a top-tier addition to the renowned Senzo range, meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of Rotax race teams and individual racers. This product boasts a robust outer shell, reinforced at the edges and corners for enhanced durability and protection.
Inside, the box features a precision-engineered foam insert, CNC machined to snugly accommodate the Dellorto Rotax Carburettor. The insert is finished with a sleek carbon effect, elevating both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the box. Beyond housing up to three carburettors, the design includes a dedicated space for the Senzo Jet Driver Spanner Tool, equipped with a magnet for added convenience. Additionally, there's a separate compartment for small items, such as needles and other essentials.
Security is paramount with this product. It includes two locks with keys, ensuring that your Rotax Carburettors are not only neatly organized but also safely secured.
Key Features:
Sophisticated carbon-effect interior.
Custom CNC Machined insert for optimal fit and protection.
Lockable for enhanced security.
Sturdy construction, designed for the rigours of racing environments.
Ideal for both professional race teams and dedicated Rotax racers, this carburettor box is a must-have for those seeking a combination of style, functionality, and security.