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MAXXIS Junior & Senior TKM Wet Tyres Red Label

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    Karters Club

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The feature a larger diameter tread pattern to help cut through deep water.
Testing has shown them to make control much easier and to cut lap times significantly.
They have excellent durability.
Maxxis TKM Red Label Wet Tyre (Junior & Senior TKM)
 Maxxis New Age with RED with a WHITE outline label, an advanced wet weather tyre used for all the TKM 2 stroke & 4-stroke classes.  Every tyre has TKM moulded into its sidewall and is individually barcoded. These tyres are marked with a rotation direction arrow and should only be run this way. 

Use 115 - 130mm front wheels & 140 - 180mm rear wheels with between 8psi to 30psi pressure all round. The wetter it is the higher the pressure. For cold winter running use narrow rims and high pressures for best results.