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KG Nassau Panel 508 2022 FR.508 Complete With Lower Front Panel

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    KG Karting

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KG presents the new 508 NASSAU model.

The 508 model is a real design object for drag reduction through a venturi duct aimed at accelerating and diverting part of the flow from the pilot himself. This allows for an additional 2% reduction in total drag.

In addition to the CFD simulations, the tests on the track through pitot tubes, properly positioned, have validated the goodness of this solution. Pitot tubes measure the pressure of the air and thus derive its velocity. The pressure / speed differential between the inlet and outlet point has led to surprising results, with a duct that is really able to "blow" and accelerate the outflow towards the pilot, diverting and reducing the pressure that the pilot itself generates.

At 125 km / h, the speed differential between the flow entering the duct and the flow leaving it is even 7 meters per second, over 25 km / h. At higher speeds, the differential increases further, but already at 50 km / h (tight hairpin) the pipe is already working positively, accelerating by 2 meters per second.