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Denso Iridium IW Spark Plug

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    Nippon Denso

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Available in IW20 - 34. The higher the number, the hotter the engine will be running, so 34 is for the hotttest of days. Rotax Max's usually run IW27 in UK weater but cold days IW24 and hot days IW29. Only in peak UK summer you would run a 31. Iame Cadet often only runs an IW31.


 Denso IW has an ultra-thin center electrode of Iridium which gives a better performing spark and even longer durability for a spark plug. The iridium electrode has less friction so the spark plug ignites better at lower rpm and fewer ignition failures which also results in more efficiency. 

The 0,4 mm thin electrode consists of a special iridium alloy which has a melting point at 2500 degrees. Iridium has a very low electric resistance and therefore it requires less volt to make a great spark. 

A spark plug well used for Rotax Max engines. 

  • An ultra-thin electrode of iridium on the spark plug.
  • The spark plug has the best durability.
  • Less friction for the spark plug to ignite better.
  • Fewer ignition failures with this spark plug.
  • Perfect for Rotax Max