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AMV 9F Wheel Set 130/210mm Oxitech Magnesium

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Images used for illustrative purposes. Listing is only for 1 wheel unless otherwise stated.
The AMV Wheels spoked magnesium rim set is the result of years of research and development in magnesium casting. These rims are cast with the new AMV low pressure machine, which allows for very high quality magnesium castings, using 100% pure AZ91 magnesium. The company is able to guarantee perfect airtightness, even without any paint on the rim. This improves the heat exchange of the rim, which takes place directly and without impediments, helping to stabilize the tire temperature and keep the pressure constant, for optimal performance throughout the race.

100% Pure Magnesium AZ91
Fully CNC machined
Low air volume design
Designed to make tire fitting easier
Complies with CIK FIA regulations
100% proudly made in Italy