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Alfano 7 Karting GPS and Data Logging Unit

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The Alfano 7 T2 with (2 Temperature inputs) directly in to the Dash. Both units can have more temperatures and sensors added via the Box 12 expansion box or Box 4 Move.  The factory has responded to the feedback from its customers

The Alfano 7 has a latest-generation GPS module with 25 Hz, in which it works with the satellites from Navstar US, Glonass RU, BeiDou CHN and Galileo EU. Over 5525 Tracks / Circuits are available via GPS. The speed can be measured via GPS or a speed sensor.

To allow the user to customise the appearance of the various displays, the Alfano has a high-resolution, freely configurable graphic display. The numerous LEDs, whose colours, values and brightness can be set individually. 

With the 2T, 2 temperature sensors, e.g. for water and exhaust gas, can be connected to the device using the A2180 hub.

The integrated lithium-ion 3000 mA battery guarantees a power supply for more than 40 hours and can be recharged using a charging cable (no need to remove or change the battery). The data is downloaded via a Bluetooth or wireless connection. The tyre temperature and pressure sensors can also be connected internally or externally via wireless.

So What's NEW 

  • Increased Download Speed by 17.6%
  • Memory Optimisation improved by 20%
  • Faster Downloads via Dongle (A4550) to PC
  • Faster Downloads to Apps
  • Greater GPS Range
  • New GPS Frequencies 25hz
  • New Accusation Frequencies - Lambda, EGT, RPM and Analog Input 5v via Box12
  • New Wireless Communications System
  • Connection to Tyre Temp and Pressure Sensors
  • Improved Graphics
  • Protective Dash Cover
  • Floating Screen Effect Solved by Firmware
  • T1 Upgrade to T2 by purchase of lifetime licence online


  • Lap time to the hundredth of a second.
  • GPS : Galilleo (EU), Navstar (USA), Glonass (RU) +/- 35 satellites.
  • 2527 GPS tracks pre-programmed.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 3000 mA integrated.
  • 1 port (green) for magnet or infrared sensor, speed optional with stroke A2194
  • 1 port (red) for max. 2 temperature
  • 1 port (black) for Module Box 12, data download via USB or battery charging.
  • 1 port for speed cable
  • 4 operating hours Counter 1 for Distance
  • Sampling rate 10Hz, speed and exhaust gas temperature up to 50 Hz.
  • Backlight in 5 colours.
  • 6 LEDs for speed, temperature and time in 5 colours
  • 2 LEDs for temperature alarm in 5 colours
  • 1 Led battery charging and download.
  • 6 languages
  • Display: 160x94 pixels 90x45mm
  • Dimensions: 136 x 88 x 33mm
  • Weight: 435 Gr.
  • IP56

Add on Options

  • Alfano 7 Kits for selected classes in Karting - See Products below. 
  • Water Temp or Oil Temp Sensors with Patch Lead for M10 - M5 & 1/8  (Rotax / X30 / KZ / Superkart / Mini Bikes) 
  • Underplug / CHT Sensors with Patch Lead for 14mm, 12mm and 10mm spark plugs (IAME, Honda, Bambino, Powerboats) 
  • EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Sensors
  • Wheel Speed Sensor 
  • Box 4 Move (Steering / Brake / Throttle)
  • Box 12 (Steering / Brake / Throttle, Extra Temperatures, Lambda, 5v Analog Port, and more sensors inputs)
  • Heated Lambda Sensor
  • Tyre Pressure and Temperature Sensors