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Senzo 28mm 30mm Bumper Saver Set

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The Senzo Bumper Savers were developed by our own engineers within Senzo. 

Karting, as a competitive sport, will always have a higher risk of encountering knocks and bumps when racing.  Some of these incidents will include damaging rear bumper and breakages.  The Senzo Bumper Saver provides the Kart Racer the opportunity to race in the knowledge that in the event of a crash from behind will allow them to continue to race significantly reducing the risk of a mechanical failure.  In addition, the Bumper Savers will keep the Rear Bumper in position to ensure no further damage after an incident.  

The Senzo Bumper Savers range, new for 2022, are available in both 28mm and 30mm size depending on the chassis and available in Black and Gold currently.  The Bumper Savers also comes complete with rubber protection to protect the chassis when clamped in position and a securing wire to reduce any loss.  Additional wire can be ordered separately if required.

Finally, the Bumper Savers are legal to race with within the UK and Europe.