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Steering Wheel Grip Tape 25mm X 1070mm

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    Karters Club

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Steering wheel grip tape is a specialized type of tape designed to enhance the grip on a vehicle's steering wheel. It is commonly used in racing, high-performance driving, and other situations where a secure and comfortable grip on the steering wheel is crucial.

The primary purpose of steering wheel grip tape is to prevent slippage during aggressive driving maneuvers, especially when the driver's hands may become sweaty or when the wheel is subjected to forces that could lead to loss of control. The tape  features a textured patterned surface that enhances friction, allowing the driver to maintain better control over the steering wheel.

Installation of steering wheel grip tape is relatively straightforward. The tape is wrapped around the steering wheel's circumference, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Comes with adhesive backing for easy application, while others may require additional securing methods such as zip ties.

Overall, it serves as a practical and affordable solution to enhance driver control and comfort, particularly in performance-oriented driving scenarios.