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Senzo Brake Bleeding Tool & Adapters

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A brake bleeding tool designed to assist in the process of removing air bubbles from a hydraulic brake system. The presence of air in the brake lines can compromise brake performance, leading to a spongy or ineffective brake pedal. This ensures the proper functioning of a vehicle's braking system.

Flexible hoses or tubes that connect the brake calipers or wheel cylinders to the brake fluid reservoir. The tubing allows brake fluid and air to be expelled from the brake system.

Adapters for most systems that replaces the standard master cylinder cap and allows a connection for the brake bleeding tool. 

When using a brake bleeding tool, the general process involves attaching the tool to the master cylinder, opening the bleeder valve on the brake caliper or wheel cylinder, and pumping or pressurizing the system to force the old brake fluid and air out. This process is typically repeated until clean, bubble-free fluid comes out, ensuring the removal of any air from the brake lines.